"We need to help students and parents cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens this community - and this nation."

Cesar Chavez, UFW Co-Founder


Coming in October!
A fundraising blast from the past

And for the whole family

Manuelito, the Lion Tamer
A Bi-Lingual Children's Shadow Puppet Show!
Coloma Community Center Oct 18 & Oct 25

Two shows a day 1:30 pm and 4 pm
Pre-show entertainment!
Tickets $5 for kid 3 to 103!
(Under 3 free)

Here is what SNR said of this family fun event when we performed in 2006  at California Stage & 2007 at Festival De La Familia

****Manuelito is a charming piece of bilingual teatro de títeres (puppet theater)****

****This kind of eclectic, Latino-based, world-view community theater has been in short supply for children and adults. It’s odd, considering the Sacramento region, despite bland suburban additions, was historically a Spanish colony and a part of Mexico, and is now home to a huge and growing Latino population.****

****We sense that something truly valuable and needed is germinating here. Manuelito is small, low-tech and unassuming, but it points the way.****


Teatro Nagual, Inc. (TeNa) and Friends of the Arts Commission (FAC)  a 501(c)3, have partnered to produce programs that educate the community about the effectiveness of nonviolent change, community activism and unity through innovative artistic endeavors.


The heart and soul of the Teatro are the teachings and core values of Cesar Chavez

portrayed in a musical production called Let the Eagle Fly.
e musical was produced in October, 2006 at California Stage in Sacramento. It was then produced in Chula Vista in 2008, directed by Bill Virges and in 2010 at San Jose City College, directed by Richard Falcõn.

Additionally, Teatro Nagual,Inc. produced the first Sacramento Latin Music and Arts Festival in October, 2010.    

Our "Educating the Heart" program provides a
Service Learning & the Art
s experience for communities where participants discover their inner Cesar Chavez and learn how to give back to their neighborhood and community.       

Our mission:

To produce educational, innovative, artistic programs in the community that embody the core values of Cesar Chavez and foster service to others.

Teatro Nagual brings Let the Eagle Fly back to Sacramento in 2014 to celebrate the legacy of Cesar Chavez. A service learning/performing arts educational program is available.
Lyricist Julie Shannon along with writer John Reeger collaborated with the Chavez family on details and events that bring this story to life. Members of the family who say that, of all the plays and stories ever written about Chavez and the struggle of the farm workers, this one truly tells it like it was.

Funded in part by the Sacramento Cultural Arts Awards Program of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission with the support from the City and County of Sacramento


Grants also provided by "Gifts to Share".

Contact us:
Richard Falcon  - Executive Director
15 Moses Ct
Sacramento, CA 95823

All Website Photos Courtesy of John Castillo & Barry Wisdom
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